Small Business

Prime Technologies and Information Management provides many services to the small business. Typically, here's how we can help you.

  • PC Troubleshooting - Your PC worked just fine when you bought it. Now, it runs really slowly or maybe it doesn't even boot up. You tried to upgrade to the latest version of Windows and now nothing works. You bought a new Mac and you don't know how to run your old Windows programs on it. We'll get you up and running.
  • Network setup - You started out using one PC in your office. Then you added another and another. They work just fine but you transfer files by CD-ROM or email and you have different versions of the files on each PC. We can set up a local area network in your home or office that allows your PC's and Mac's to communicate with each other directly. Files can be stored in a central location where only authorized people can use them and they'll get backed up regularly.
  • Website development - Tired of telling people over and over again what hours you're open, how to get to your business, what kind of experience you have? Maybe you own a restaurant and you'd like everyone to see your most up to date menu so they can call in an order over the phone or maybe FAX an order to you. We can develop a website tailored just the way you'd like it, with your logos, your pictures, your menu and your words.
  • Website maintenance - If you don't have time to keep your website up to date with the latest information, we can do it for you. We offer inexpensive maintenance plans to update your website the same day that you request the changes.
  • Applications support - Does your business use custom software that you purchased elsewhere and now you need assistance but you don't even know what to ask? We can review your manuals and work directly with the developers to solve complex issues.
  • Database development - Would you like to use your PC or Mac to keep track of your inventory? We can set up a custom database that lets you enter the data you want and gives you the reports you want.

Whatever your computer needs might be, contact us and we'll help.

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