Court Notice Print Manager

Prime Technologies and Information Management has developed the Court Notice Print Manager to assist New Jersey attorneys with printing their electronic court notices. If you are an attorney who files claims in the Special Civil Part Court in any of the 21 New Jersey counties, then you're familiar with the electronic notices that the Judiciary emails to you. Much more efficient than mailing yellow postcards, but if you have 50 or 100 cases in a single file, how do you print them? Chances are one of your office staff spends several hours cutting and pasting each notice, one by one, and printing each one, one at a time so you can save them in your files.

Now you can open the electronic court notice file with the Court Notice Print Manager. It immediately tells you how many court notices are in the file. Looking for a certain case? Court Notice Print Manager lets you search the file for the notice that you want. Print out just that notice or print out all the notices, each on a separate page.

At our low price, you'll probably get a full return on your investment the first day you use it. Court Notice Print Manager costs just $20 and can be installed on one computer in your office. Think you might want it on more than one computer? For $35 you're licensed to use Court Notice Print Manager on an unlimited number of computers in your office.

Click on a link below to get your copy of Court Notice Print Manager

Court Notice Print Manager for use on 1 computer         $20

Court Notice Print Manager for use on an unlimited number of computers  $35

Court Notice Print Manager was designed, developed, and is supported by Prime Technologies and Information Management. You can reach our support staff at This product is neither supported nor endorsed and is in no way affiliated with the State of New Jersey Judiciary.

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